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change the way you respond to conflict

People problems are the leading cause of failure in high-potential businesses. We help individuals and teams pre-empt, prevent and resolve conflict through conversations that matter.

Benefit from our:


We have worked with more than 500 founders and believe in the cohesion of early business teams through pre-mediation and mediation. 

Growth mindset

We believe that a person's capacities and talents can be improved over time and are here to create a safe space to do so.


From preventing to resolving to consulting. We are agile and can adapt to any of your current business needs.


Each cycle in a start-up has it's own needs and demands. We created a holistic offering to be there for founders throughout.


Access virtual or in-person expert help for any of your founder relationship needs at any time from anywhere in the world.


If you want to mediate and your partner doesn't, negotiation support helps you build the skill-set to manage disagreements without hurting the relationship.


our services

Starting a business is very exciting. In the beginning the future is bright and the partner perfect; until things turn out differently.  Through structured pre-mediation sessions Let's Resolve helps you to discuss issues before  emotions and resentment interfere with decisions and relationships.

Mediation is speaking openly about conflicts. A series of conversations will discover underlying needs and help the people involved to arrive at a joint solution. Two mediators, we always work in pairs to increase perspective and attention, help parties look for common interests.

Let's Resolve helps you prepare for effective negotiations in all your interactions with partners, funders and service providers. Together we look at financial and partnership deals or exit agreement options and fine tune your strategy, approach and conversation.

Conflict coaching sessions help you understand, cope with and confront any conflict situation in your personal or professional lives with confidence. Conflict coaching can take place before, during and after friction, so you can transform the way you feel and react.

pre-mediation at our core

Pre-mediation is about pre-empting and preventing conflicts.​ The key in pre-mediation is to bring people's interests out into the open in order to create room for more understanding, better agreements and effective collaboration. As the ‘pre’ in the word suggests, the effect is preventative. That is also the strength: the earlier you sit down with one another around the table, the easier it is to prevent a conflict.


Life is messy, markets can be tricky, clients can be unpredictable, your partnership should be a space you can trust and feel safe.

our packages


 Start the conversation

You can book a free and without obligation Introduction to find out more about us and the processes we use.


 Prevent the escalation of your conflict

Book a single session of pre-mediation, mediation, negotiation support or conflict coaching. Sessions are 90 minutes, confidential and private.


Manage your potential business conflicts

You can also manage your relationship by pre-booking 3   sessions. Sessions will be diarised according to  your needs.


 Resolve your workplace conflict

In-house employees are not always the best positioned to resolve conflict in their organisation. We work with you on retainer or as needed to manage workplace conflict through sessions and workshops. Contact us for a bespoke solution.


have a conflict resolution specialist available anywhere, any time

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here's how:





Book a free Introduction to get to know us and connect.

Understand your problem or need and what you would like help with.

Book your 90min appointment and pay.

Or Pre-Book x three 90min appointments and pay.

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