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we help you thrive in all your relationships


We are an interdisciplinary team of mediators, lawyers, organisational psychologists, start-up experts and founders who believe in true conversations and productive disagreement as a meta-skill. 

In the past decade we've become finely attuned to the potential friction points between founders while they are trying to build a successful business. We understand the categories that most conflicts fall in and are able to navigate the complexities of relationship dynamics with skill, empathy and respect.

We help parties involved to become aware and have a clear understanding of experiences and  unmet expectations causing friction in their relationship.
The unique aspect of our approach is that we are from different backgrounds, professions, countries and cultures. This means we can guide the conversations from multiple perspectives.


We started with pre-mediation as a preventative measure for co-founder fallout in 2012 and worked with hundreds of start-ups and scale-ups.

our team works around the world, around the clock to help your team have conversations that matter

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Annemarie van Raay

I have a degree in Organisational Psychology and currently work in the Netherlands and Europe as Mediator, Organisational Psychologist, Conflict Coach and HR manager. I am not scared to take risks and dive deep into self-discovery, as I once did when I left everything behind to set up a retreat in Austria. My personal process of developing awareness motivates me to see and bring out the best in other people and in organisations. Mediation is a powerful tool for achieving this. It allows me to get to the bottom of the matter and bring issues out into the open so transformation can take place.


Naëtt Atkinson


I am an internationally accredited mediator, facilitator and conflict coach. In my previous life I held EXEC positions in corporates and social justice organisations. The experience from my diverse background allows me to relate to a wide segment of people, cultures and contexts. I like to use my financial acumen, high levels of creativity and alternative thinking to help people find their own solutions. I believe that if we could really hear each other and allow ourselves to be honest and open about our needs and interests, all relationships would thrive. Mediation creates space for this.

Roelof Vos

I am an expert in Tax law and Business Administration and currently work at tax specialists Hertoghs Advocaten ( and also lecture in law at Leiden University. I am skilled in building relationships and handling negotiations. I have a keen analytical brain, an open mind, a direct style of communication and an increased interest in the origins of conflict. Lawyers usually come into contact with people once they are already embroiled in conflict, I prefer to not let things go that far, that is why I became a mediator. 

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