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founders, start-ups, scale-ups, investors and companies

having a confidential mediator at the table transforms potential or actual conflicts into constructive talks

We work with founders, start-ups, scale-ups, established businesses, investors and accelerators all over the world. Almost all founders have a conflict story to tell. All VCs want to protect their investment. All organisations understand the impact of conflict on productivity and reputation.

We are here to help you have different conversations, thriving relationships and successful business ventures.

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what our clients say

"Change the way you respond to conflict, change your world." this her (Naëtt's) slogan is the real truth. She made me and my team understand that. She is the best in her field I have seen so far. Looking forward to working with her again

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Pre-mediation has helped us multiple times. Examples are: gracefully ending a working relationship and aligning on long term individual goals which shaped long term company strategy. People are key in the success of a company so force yourself to listen, learn and speak with your colleagues.

Daniel Haven                               ProctorExam

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(Pre-mediation is...) Very useful and powerful. It requires everyone to open up and be comfortable in sharing. But once that happens it avoids a ton of issues in the future. Don't hesitate. Do it. The worst that can happen is you get to know yourself and your team better. There is no right or wrong. People are driven by their own passion and fears.


When you hear that you are attending a team strategy meeting with a conflict coach, every fibre within your being dreads it, right? Well, I cannot image having these sessions without Naëtt, guiding the team through the obstacles not only on team level but on a personal level as well. I highly recommend Naëtt and have seen the results of her sessions in team members and myself.

Zuanda Reid                                  Thinkroom


Naëtt's guidance has been invaluable to my team, helping us align our expectations of each other and our visions for the future. 

If you think that you and your team can manage communications and conflicts yourselves without professional guidance, let me simply say: not like this. 

I'd recommend Naëtt's sessions to all startups, big or small, at all stages of growth. It will be one of the best investments you can make!

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Naëtt's processes of creating space for conversations that matter through her workshops and founder pre-mediation team sessions were an invaluable asset to the start-ups in our programme.

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