There will always be conflict in and around organisations. The question is not if conflict will arise, but when, between whom and what the impact will be. You will be exposed to conflict amongst co-founders, between employees, between management teams, between finance and creative teams, board members and directors, with shareholders, or with third parties.

Maybe it is fortunate, because we believe conflicts are an opportunity for growth. Personal growth and organizational growth in a sense that you can learn to deal with conflicts in such a way that it:

Makes us understand others better

Builds relationships that were non-existent

Pushes us to overcome fear and speak up

Teaches us to be better communicators and listeners

Challenges us to build a connected team

Makes us grow outside our comfort zone

Tests us to be truly authentic.


partner up with Let's Resolve


collaborate and co-create

By partnering up and collaborating with Let’s Resolve, we co-create a company and organisational culture where conflicts are normalised, seen as an opportunity for growth and authentic relationships and handled constructively.  

In our collaboration model, both of us have a specific role and contribution to the partnership.

our contribution

Facilitate conflict resolution sessions anywhere, anytime

Be the neutral third party

Bring awareness how to deal with (potential, early stage) conflicts

Hold space for growth and connection

Neutralise power imbalances

your contribution

Identify red flags, e.g. (potential, early stage) conflict

Be the ambassador for normalizing conflicts in your organization

Intermediary between the organisation and Let’s Resolve

Create a culture of growth and connection

let’s resolve together any time, anywhere

Please contact us here when you would like to partner-up with us.

We offer pilots and long term contracts to manage your conflicts. The packages for different amounts of conflict sessions depend on the size of your company and the number of interactions required.