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Lawyer Supported Mediation - Making a deal to break up.

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Unfortunately not all business partners are able to maintain a healthy relationship over time when it comes to their cooperation with their co-founders.

Power struggles, wanting to be right, fighting for the last word, hogging the spotlight. We see a lot of business partners ending up in these destructive, energy draining patterns. It is not easy to stop this negative spiral. Sometimes patterns are ingrained and other times the will to work together constructively has disappeared.

The longer you wait, the more toxic and explosive the relationship gets. The more detrimental to your mental and emotional health and generally at the expense of your business.

The worst case scenario is ending up in court. Which costs a lot of money, leads to more exhaustion and a mindset of ‘fighting to the bitter end’. More often than not an expensive hollow win and one party that still loses.

Here we are. Doing it differently. Helping you to turn a fight into a result driven approach where both parties win.

What we do is reverse an adversarial legal process by bringing together mediation, legal support and co-founders. This allows for joint problem solving, open communication, creative solutions and direct involvement in the outcome.

We start the mediation with the business partners to explore the possibilities of separating in a way that the interests of the parties are met without causing more damage to the relationship and the business. Once we’ve established a range of possibilities that business partners agree on, we include the lawyers of the parties in the meetings and process to support their clients in a broader sense.

Let's Resolve, online, anywhere, anytime.

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