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When polarisation is everywhere, make space for meeting in the middle.

In this time, it seems that polarisation is everywhere. Our way of thinking about COVID, in politics, in our families and at work, seems to divide us.

In my opinion, the root cause of this lies in the fact that we tend to let duality dominate our conversations, especially when things get heated. We see the other as too flexible or inflexible, thinking too big or small, acting too fast or slow, being an extravert or an introvert or just plain difficult.

Especially if you founded a company together, the differences in personalities and in behaviour you faced in the first years of your cooperation worked quite well. However, slowly it can become a burden if the nuance is under pressure. Maybe you recognise this pattern 'at the tip of the iceberg' of your dynamics. You clash once in a while, things get heated, and maybe you both say things you regret afterwards. In fact 'under water' there might be totally different things going on.

When we work with founders we see power and control issues, we come across founders who feel that they are not in it together, we recognise misjudgement of qualities and intolerance of certain behaviours. We find that people forget that good and bad are twin brothers and both needs to be embraced.

Stepping out of the duality means in mediation terms, helping to allow nuance to thrive again. Listening with curiosity to understand, being clear about your needs, being emotionally available, being appreciative of difference, teaming up rather than tearing apart.

We believe there is a way of the light in the middle. A space where duality comes together to allow both good and bad. A middle beyond right and wrong where you meet each other halfway.

If you choose to step out of duality, as founders from all over the world on our platform, you will find each other in the light of the middle at our table. We call that courageous.

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